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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Why is it so easy for you to make me smile like this? Why do you make me have butterflies in my stomach all the time? Why do I wanna spend every second with you? How is it possible that you're taking my heart so easily? You make my cheeks hurt from being so happy. You're so perfect. All the times you say how beautiful I am, how you say that you're falling for me so fast, that you don't understand how I can be single and this amazing. All the times you say how I have such a beautiful heart and so much strength. All the times you say you will stay and never hurt me, never cheat on me! What's amazing is that I believe you, I believe you actually want me as a person, you want my heart and my soul for yourself. I can't get enough of you, can't be without having you on my mind, all your smiles and cuddles. Can't be without having your good morning sunshine, can't be without having you play with my knees. Can you stay? You're just to good for me to lose. Can't handle how much of a gentlemen you are, all the doors are open for me, your family is open for me! When you opened the car door for me and you told me that I'm the most beautiful girl you've ever seen, when I'm just in jeans and runners. The whole afternoon was just perfect and I couldn't ask for a better date then that, just sweet and calm, perfect. People can tell in my voice, my writing that you took my heart so fast, you took my smile! It's all yours, there's no one else that could break this apart now, it's so amazing. I honestly had such a hard past, and you know it, I'm so happy that you have a full understanding of what I'm coming from and that you told me that because one asshole never wanted to make me happy, not every man is like that and you promised on the spot to make me the happiest girl ever, I have to say you're keeping your promise pretty well honey. Those green eyes of yours, hell yes.  
You know me so well already, you know how I like to be cuddled, you know how to kiss my neck, you know how I enjoy people playing with my hair and how sleepy I get. You know how ticklish I am and what makes me laugh so hard. 

I want you, you and you honey! 

This blog is your new home babe, enjoy it. I promise it's all yours, and I always keep my promises. 

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