- abrigo

«se queres um escudo impenetrável, permanece dentro de ti mesmo»

Thursday, October 15, 2015

- Last one. This is it.

Well, I have a big announcement today. This is it, this is the last one. 

I decided that my life now is a secret. I created this place in 2010, when I thought that this the best way to express feelings and to keep myself on track. Not anymore, all my feelings are being placed on this beautiful journal. Our story is mine, is a secret that I wanna keep forever. This boy takes my breath away and I never felt like this before. I can certainly say that this blog is a sad place.I went through most of the posts and I was never truly happy. 5 years of this blog showing how miserable I was. No, not anymore. During all this time I changed and my life went 360 in no time. I thought I would die of so much pain and I still managed to survive, did my grief, struggled and found happiness on you. Every night, when you kiss me I have butterflies on my stomach, all the nights you just stare at me and I ask what's up, your answer is always - I can't handle how pretty and perfect you are, I can't handle that you're mine - Those words make me shiver, make me wanna be yours. I am yours already though! The only reason for me to close this place is the wrong people that read it. I don't wanna tell my story anymore, I'm 21 and not 19. I have an adult life and I'm over this. 
The ones that really care will send me a text, will ask me how's my life. I don't need bad people, bad influences, jealously coming to my life. I'm away from Portugal, with the best men in my life. He's a keeper and I'm keeping it. I promise babe, I will make you happy forever. 

All this said, this is it. All good things come to an end. 
Abrigo, this is your last one. Your last one is a happy one! 
I have a boyfriend, I have a best friend, I have a lover. He's all of them. 21 years after, I found true love, true happiness, I found you.
You found me, your perfect girl, like you always say.

My life is a written journal now babe. It's yours. I will write you all the time.

 I love you to the stars and back, the moon is to close!