- abrigo

«se queres um escudo impenetrável, permanece dentro de ti mesmo»

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


You are the sweetest person on earth, wow boy. Can't freaking get enough of you. I never had someone that treated me this well and had so much care for me already. The way you smile and the way you talk, you honestly stole my heart yesterday. 
6 hours on a row with cups of coffee and we never took a glance at our phones, at a clock to make sure we were time. It was honestly a - who cares what time is it? - I'm so glad I got to meet you, I'm so glad we are in the same page. 
All the weird questions, the funny smiles, all the staring at each others, all the hugs. 

I wanna keep you for me, please, stay, like I know you want, like you said you want. I promise it's worth it honey. 
Teach me how to play.

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