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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Class of 2015

All done, graduated. My success is now framed in my bedroom. I did it, all alone. I feel very insecure on myself most of the times, it's a true fact and I can't hide it BUT I can tell you that nothing will break me apart. I promise I will always get back on my feet and when I do, I dot it for real. You always fall down on the attempt of success, after you get up and you fight! Fight as hard as you can. One thing mandatory in life is - Never, for any reason, doesn't matter, do never look back because that is not the way your future is. I can see my future and my ambitions, they are big and I'm gonna do it. i?m gonna kill it with success. 

Graduation Day was exciting, got all dolled up, made myself feel like a princess and a successful lady, ahahahh. We all got together for the last time, a class of 30 and now 13 of us graduated, upsis! The good ones were there that's all that matters. It was certainly a big day for me, an emotional one. All of this effort was worth it, I wouldn't change a bit on all this story. I understand that your past makes your future and I do believe in destiny. I believe you guys were meant to be at my house that summer and were meant to make my life this precious! Thanks you so much, I can't return this favor back, so I'm gonna show you all I'm capable of! Thanks you to all of you, I LOVE YOU ! 

Graduate, Class of 2015
Conestoga College

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