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Friday, August 1, 2014

canada's wonderland

Today it's going to be a full english post. For a long time, a couple weeks, I wasn't here. I would come back and check if something happened on other blogs. I had a huge feeling that I should write something down but I just didn't know what. 
I just feel like not being here it's a good sign for me, means that I don't need to chill inside, means that my soul is starting to rest and that is amazing. 
So, I had some adventures going on, I went to Canada's Wonderland twice in less than 3 weeks. That was freaking amazing and I just love it. Spending time with people that actually care about you makes you feel much better.

Well, the other day I saw your picture and for a few moments it was a big knife in my heart, and then I changed  the way I looked at it. I think she's perfect for you, and I'm really glad you're not with me anymore. Bothers me that her, misses R, talks to me and doesn't let me go. I'm not what she wants me to be anymore. 

So, a shit ton of people care about my relationship status, more than I would expect. I'm just kidding with all of this, I know he's hot and I wish the age wasn't a problem. I even wish more that you weren't her brother. I can't even deal with the fact that we had that thing going on. 
I love the feeling of not caring anymore! 

P.S.: Raquel, call me for further questions/information! Love youuuu

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