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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

you jump, I jump

Why am I here? I'm tired, hurt and upset. I miss you, Catarina I miss you a lot. Just want to go home and hug you lots. I miss the nights talking, the nights dancing for hours. I miss the friendship, nothing even gets close to what we have. I'm a very proud friend, you have a beautiful heart and a huge sense of responsibility plus you are still here for me even  2 years after me being gone. 

Clearly going home is gonna be a struggle, it's being a stupid struggle already but I will make it work. I will go get you and I will lock you in my house with me. Probably only the 2 of us, cause my parents will not be there. we can pretend we are roommates! ahahah
We are in two different countries, two different continents separated by the ocean and we protect each others like no other. That is true friendship for life! 
Sometimes it hurts that I can't hug you when you're upset, and makes me mad that other people can, mehhh! I would protect you to the end of the earth if I could, and I know that you would do the same. I can't wait to get you and go for hot chocolate and tea. Go shopping and have coffee at Sr Dimas plus Bolas de Berlim and Pasteis de Nata. grrrr, I just wanna go now. Whenever I have a ticket I'm gonna pass out. 
I can't wait to go and get it done. It's gonna be so pretty, it will be a beautiful reminder that friendship can last forever. I'm gonna be scared, but I know that I will go through with you, ahahahah. Just like the earrings we got just because we could.

You're going to pick me up, because I will not have anyone to go do that. Plus I don't want anyone else. 

I'm hurt, damn it. Only I can pull such a thing off. Not being able to walk is a pain in the ass. Even when I need to go to the washroom I'm jumping around like a bunny, so annoying. At least today I'm feeling a bit better, yesterday I could cry for days, for moments thought that I had broken my foot badly. I just need peace, BUT my life is great and I wouldn't change a thing in it.
I'm very excited to go home, and honestly, I'm not telling shit to anyone. I will leave all of you scared of turning a corner. 

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